Project 2020 & Beyond

Securing Our Future

The Sub Branch Committee as part of its strategic planning is looking to ensure the Sub Branch is able to meet the challenges of the future. The modernising of our current premises has had the intended effect and in a trading sense we are holding our own despite the increased challenge from the expanding food and entertainment outlets in Eastland and along the Maroondah Highway. We cannot take this performance for granted in the future and we have to position ourselves to ensure our viability in the longer term.

Our primary purpose is to extend assistance to ex-service members and their dependents to access DVA support for pensions and health services. We are also actively involved in support community support activities.

Funds generated by trading operations are directed to these activities.

We are now looking to the implications of the new gaming licence period beginning in 2022. We have committed to retain all our gaming machines and have made the first licence payment required by the Government.

As announced at the last AGM the Committee has identified three possible options for the future:

  1. The first is another redevelopment of the present ageing building to update it and extend its life. The two major problems with this approach is that it is probably beyond us financially and it doesn’t really address the other issue of attracting membership from more recent veterans and people within their generations.
  2. The second is to partner with a developer to build a high rise building where we would end up with perhaps a strata title and premises about the same size as at present. Again the issue of finance becomes a barrier as it would require any developer to buy the property and pay up front before any construction commenced as well for a period of some two years we may have to locate and occupy “temporary” premises which has almost insurmountable barriers because of the laws governing the location of gaming machines in the community. The matter of future membership also remains unresolved.
  3. The third being selling the site and move to another where we would have to either rebuild an existing structure or build a new facility. This is looking like the most feasible option at the moment.

Although as stated at the AGM the Committee has a preference for option three, we have now begun to analyse all three options in detail. This project is very important for the future of the Sub Branch and will not be rushed. Regular updates on progress will be given and member’s questions and input are welcome.

The Team members doing the detailed work on this project are all very experienced but the Team has the ability to call on external expertise whenever necessary.

As well, the Sub Branch President is actively involved in the project.

The Redevelopment Working Group (the Team) works directly with the Sub Branch Committee and

Details of the team are:

Des Myers–Working Group Coordinator

Des Myers was a member of the Victoria Police (Australia), with over twenty-six years of operational and specialist policing experience focusing on road and public safety, law enforcement and change management projects. He attained the rank of Chief Inspector. Since leaving the police service, he has provided public and road safety consultancy services in Australia,Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ethiopia, South Africa, Botswana, the Middle East, India, Malaysia,China,Cambodia, Laos PDR, Vietnam and Thailand. He is a recognised international public and road safety specialist with a broad range of experience in all aspects of public safety and road policing management, technology and training including World Bank, WHO and other international road safety projects. He was general manager of 2 technology based traffic law enforcement companies (Thailand and South Africa).

He has provided public safety and road safety management consultancy services in over 23 countries and is currently advising various Governments, NGOs and companies on a range of road/public safety and security projects and senior road policing adviser to the BB GRSP RS10 project (Road Safety in 10 countries) with his focus countries being India, Turkey and Russia but has also provided assessment services in China for that project.

He currently provides strategic, operational and tactical advice on key international road safety and policing projects.

Christian Bolog-Lawyer and Project Manager

Christian has an Australian Practicing Certificate and has completed training in Agile Project Management, Project Management Professional (PMP) and Prince2 project management systems. He is currently employed as a legal project consultant at DLA Piper responsible for the development and application of legal project management concepts and frameworks in the firm to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery.

David Ridley BCom, ACA-Business Analyst at RSL Victoria

An experienced Commercial Manager with strong analytical skills and a proven track record in optimisation of portfolio businesses. David previously worked at Tabcorp as a commercial manager in gaming operations. He is currently a member of the RSL Victorian State Branch. These team members are assisted by Harry Agathagelidis (Sub Branch Treasurer) and Wayne Chisholm (Sub Branch Manager).