RSL Activities

Women’s Auxiliary

Meetings are held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 11:00am in the R&SL clubrooms in Station St Ringwood.

New members welcome.

We have different trips away and pokie trips and cater for the R&SL members on ANZAC day services and Rememberance Day. We also have bingo in the clubrooms every Thursday at 1:00pm, everyone is welcome, we are a lovely friendly club.

Our auxiliary has been very active for well over 50 years raising funds for the RSL welfare.


Thursday’s with eyes down at 1:00pm and 2:00pm.

Anyone can play as long as they are over 18 years of age.


The RSL State Branch Appeals Department is responisible in supplying administrative, secretarial and physical support for all Victorian Sub-Branches in respect of poppies, ANZAC tokens and associated peripheral requirements.

The purpose of the ANZAC Appeal and the Poppy Appeal is to raise money for the RSL General Appeals Patriotic Fund.

Our Appeals are conducted in accordance with Victorian State legislation. Patriotic funds have long been established to provide welfare support to ex-servicemen and women and their dependants in necessitous circumstances, to assist in providing for:

  • War Veterans and Dependents
  • Veterans & Widows’
  • Care of the aged
  • Family Welfare
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Hospital Visiting

In accordance with the Patriotic Funds Act funds raised for welfare requirements can only be used for these purposes.

More ex-servicemen from the Second World War are entering the age group where the need for medical care increases.

Each year more verteran’s wives are widowed.

Former nurses and other ex-servicewomencome to years of retirement and the need for a helping hand.

The money that goes into collection tins on ANZAC Day and Poppy Day means the continuing and extending of care in many forms. It provides for cottage settlements for elderly veterans and their wives and institutions like the RSL Park at Frankston, where old soldiers find comfort and companionship beyond what the modest cintribution from their pensions would normally buy.

There are flats and other accommodation for war widows, nurses, and returned ex-servicewomen.

There are welfare and employment services operating from ANZAC House Headquarters and through League Sub-Branches that currently help thousands.

These are part of a remembering – not of wars, but the burdens that war has laid on it’s veterans and their families.

Through the ANZAC Day and Poppy Day the RSL applies it’s motto, “Serving Still”, for beyond its own membership.

Preparation for each Appeal is conducted from the Appeals Department at ANZAC House by the Appeals staff, Appeals Director, Secretary and Storeman/Packer. All stock is held in our warehouse at Hoddle Street, Abbotsford and orders dispatched on a timely basis in response to Sub-Branch ordering procedure.

Preparation includes advertising, publicity and TV and Radio commercials and packing and despatch od stock to some 330 Sub-Branches.

“Ask how you can help in RSL Appeals at your Sub-Branch”



“Any memorabilia donated to us is treasured and displayed with pride”

The Ringwood RSL has some of the best displays of memorablilia in Victorian RSL’s. We have on display items from WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam. Ranging from weapons, clothing, equipment, photos, medals and souvenirs.

To all you good people out there who may have some things of interest you would like to donate to the Ringwood Sub Branch of the RSL. We want anything from all wars, all services, Army, Navy, Airforce, Merchant Navy, Women’s services from all countries of the world. So have a look in the shed or the drawers in the house and dig out those things that have been hidden away for years. They are better in the RSL for everyone to enjoy and help us make the Club the best in the State.

Firearms, knives, bayonets, swords, buttons, badges anything can be handed in safely, or if you ring the R&SL on 9870 6604 we will have someone call and collect and an official receipt with sincere thanks will be sent to all.